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If you’re a designer with an existing business and looking to grow, or if you’re just starting out and want to create a market for your new products, you will be able to learn effective marketing, branding and growth strategies that set you apart from your competition. Our business courses are designed to help you get the right roadmaps and tools to create a successful business. These classes are designed for long-term growth and building sustainable practices in your business. Whether you’re looking for quality sourcing and manufacturing or want to create value in your business that attracts the right customers and press, these classes and programs offer you premium education and worksheets that you can start using right away.
We are the first of its kind online school designed specifically for product designers and makers. Each course is designed to provide the support that you need in your business. 
Here's what some of our students are saying about our programs: 
"The Madesmith Incubator really helped me nail down the essence of my brand and its importance.  It helped me shift from just selling product, to selling a change to a more sustainable lifestyle.  It also helped me in a very simple day to day way by making clear where and what I should be investing my time in and resources in.  And finally, through the case studies and the office hours, it helped me to feel good about my business and the amount of growth I can successfully manage." - Jennifer Connor, Pennyroyal Design (Sonoma, CA) 

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